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Goodpods Influencers


Gretchen Rubin

@gretchenrubin on Goodpods


Josh Mankiewicz

@mank on Goodpods

Become an Influencer on Goodpods

There are lifestyle, travel, food, fashion, parenting, beauty and other influencers who already exist on other social platforms.  

We are looking for podcast lovers who want to play that role on Goodpods – the app where you can follow friends and influencers to see what podcasts they’re listening to.  


If you are the person everyone you know comes to for podcast suggestions, we want to promote you and grow your profile!  

We are looking for people who are the best curators of podcasts in all genres. For example: True Crime, Wellness, Sports, Fiction, Politics, Comedy, History, Beauty, (or any other subject)!


Featured Influencers

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